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Aging Skin Treatment

Heal Thyself
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Treatments Available for Anti Ageing ,Skin & Face Wrinkle Reduction

Listed here are the best techniques that help the women of the modern era to shine through age with confidence and natural lustre.


Meso-therapy – Reducing Wrinkles & Fine Lines

As the name suggests this technique involves the infusion of anti-ageing substances into the mesoderm of the skin directly. The treatment has been in existence for a few years now and has proved to be an effective and quick way of reducing wrinkles and fine lines and has also helped in restoring the lost natural glow of the skin. Main advantages of the treatment is that it is less time-consuming, works well on all types of skin and is considered very safe.

PDO Thread Lifts – Skin Tightening Treatment for Sagging Skin

The PDO thread lifts are by far considered the most effective treatment for skin tightening and natural face lift. These special threads lift the sagging skin by means of stimulating the collagen and elastin production. It is a non-surgical procedure and its effects can last up to 2 years.

Hyaluronic Acid – Treatment for Young Glowing Skin

Some of the best anti-ageing products and treatments involve the use of hyaluronic acid in the form of creams and injectables. Our skin produces the hyaluronic acid naturally and with age the production decreases leaving skin less hydrated and less elastic. The hyaluronic acid when injected into the skin makes it look more plump, young and supple.

Fractional Laser Resurfacing – Skin Tone treatment & Wrinkle Reduction

Laser treatments are the most widely accepted anti-ageing treatment. The treatment involves the usage of light beams to even out skin tone and reduce the wrinkles and fine lines. The heat produced from the light removes the superficial layer of the skin causing minimal damage. A thorough analysis of the patient’s medical history, the medicines consumed currently are all taken into consideration before going for the treatment.

Micro Needling – Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) – Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

The micro needling and PRP techniques are clubbed together to offer enhanced results for busy professionals looking to rejuvenate their skin. Micro needling is the process of using a “pen-like” device to open up micro channels in the skin. This causes damage thus stimulating the skin to enter into the healing mode. The patient’s blood that is rich in platelets is then infused into the skin thus intensifying the repair process.

The choice of treatment for the ageing skin depends upon a number of factors like skin type, skin problem, age of the patient and his medical history. Consulting a good skin care clinic is the first step towards achieving a youthful looking skin.

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