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Anti Ageing

Heal Thyself
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Anti Ageing

Lifting the face-Inner grace and The spirit

Eat -Heal-Breathe-Glow

The desire to stay young has been with mankind since almost the beginning of mankind. When we talk to age related changes we see broadly , three categories of changes

What Really Causes These Changes

It is important to know what is really causing these changes. What and where really goes wrong inside to cause changes of aging.

Reverse Aging Of Body-Mind-Cells-Face

Amongst so many treatment options, it is very important to have a basic understanding of what will work how and even more important is to have a plan , for a comprehensive result, as patchy treatments will result in suboptimal or unpredictable results.
Patience is the key, ageing did not happen in a day it will not go in a day.
Gone are the days when one had to take a month off and stay indoors to get anti ageing treatments done, and had no other option but to get a surgery done, now a face lift is POSSIBLE NON-SURGICALLY with minimal or almost NO RECOVERY TIME in most cases.

With a stressful life and lifestyle age is catching up fast. It is natural to seek anti ageing treatments. It is now possible to treat in a matter of few minutes to hours , in a single or few sessions to take care of the following problems :-
1) Skin texture /fine crinkling /wrinkles and dehydrated look

2) Skin sagging and neck sagging

3) Cheek and lower face sagging giving a tired and sad look.
Out of tens of options available only are few are internationally used and acclaimed; we prefer to use the best available international options and products available.

For skin retexturing we have some of the worlds best fractional laser resurfacing technology by both the top companies of USA, the PALOMAR AND LUMENIS.

For face lifting and tackling the problem of sagging we use the internationally popular method of PDO/PDSO THREAD LIFTS , USING THE BEST AVAILABLE CE THREADS.
Which is easy to do and one sees immediate results but best results are seen after 3-6 weeks when the body starts dissolving the threads.
The threads being soluble are extremely safe and no significant longterm problems have been reported.

We also use hayaluronic based materials like fillers, They come various varieties and can be chosen depending on the very specific needs and comfort of the patient.
For the patient looking for a superfast single session dramatic response there is always an option of fat grafting which can give results in a few days.

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