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Author: Dr. Aman Sharma

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Alternative Medical Systems

Alternative Medical Systems

Whenever we suffer from simple things like hair fall or dandruff or even acne we tend to look for external options to treat them, only face washes and shampoos and lotions and potions,all the external stuff has its own role to play but a major factor is missed if we ignore the body as a whole. IT IS A PERIL THAT DESPITE ALL THE GREAT ADVANCES IN MODERN MEDICINE WE AS DOCTORS SELDOM SEE THE PERSON AND BODY AS A WHOLE, INSTEAD END UP TREATING SYMPTOMS OF DISEASE ONLY AND NOT THE ROOT CAUSE OF DISEASE LIKE PIMPLES, HAIR LOSS , HORMONAL IMBALANCES ETC.

Treating Acne Naturally

Treating Acne Naturally

Both the doctor and patients sometimes are perplexed by the recurrences of pimples, despite taking all hormonal tests and doing everything right with the best available medicines and following treatment as advised the acne still reoccur. It is again important to consider that the acne happening on the skin may just be a reflection of […]

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