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Diabetes and Metabolic Imbalance

Heal Thyself
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Diabetes and Metabolic Imbalance

Holistic Healing

With the classical ways of our modern lifestyle, the pace of life has changed and space for recovery and balance of the body has reduced.

This has led to use of many unnatural methods and practises of living. The result is often that people land up into hormonal metabolic imbalances, falling prey to diseases like diabetes and women’s hormonal changes.

The good part about all of this is that just a little bit of attention and being aware of how the mind body and disease connection works, such problems for most people may actually be reversible. Modern medicine is proving this time and again especially more so in the recent times.

We must understand that  imbalance in the system doesn’t Happen in a day but over months and years. We must therefore be at modifying our disease outcomes persistently for good results.

Usually what happens in diabetes is that there is an excess of insulin production initially,then  the body gets resistant to insulin which after sometime leads to a situation of high blood sugar. It is the insulin resistance that we really need to target as early as effectively as possible for prevention and treatment of lifestyle induced diabetes.

The programs that we usually advise for management of diabetes and metabolic problems are generally extremely simple, and don’t take much time to practice, so that the changes can be incorporated by the patient for a long time on their own.

The programs and advises are customised to suit individual needs and variations, we consider all individuals to be unique. So the same solution cannot work for everyone, we understand this fact and make programs and changes accordingly.

The classical Western medicine approach of managing diabetes is extremely advanced at the molecular level, if managed and understood well can also significantly help the patients. In the classical naturopathy approach or the yog based approach of managing such problems, A lot of emphasis is given on managing the emotions mind that body and metabolic connections. So the many factors which ultimately leads to such problems which may be missed because of paucity of time or are not paid much attention to buy classical Western medicine practitioners can be dealt with in alternative medicine very effectively. Such an integrated, open and scientific approach benefits everyone and makes use of best of modern medicine and classical time-tested wisdom.

You may contact any one of the team members from samattva foundation for a better understanding of this comprehensive approach.

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