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Eczema literally means to boil out

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What is eczema?

Eczema literally means to boil out. It is usually a skin problem manifesting as itching and oozing of liquid from the skin. It can be disfiguring and may increase chances of infection in the skin.

How does one get it , is it contagious?

It is not right to term eczema as contagious; it may be due to allergies because of substances /chemicals/plant pollen coming in contact with the skin. In some cases skin infection may also cause eczema like eruption. Also it may be due to an allergic tendency in the body of some people. It is therefore not transmissible from person to person.

Are eczemas completely curable?

Many causes of eczemas are completley curable permanently or may just be transient for a variable period, while eczemas due to some chronic cause and unknown causes may be difficult to treat, but can be kept under control so as not to disturb the regular lifestyle.

Do foods cause eczema?

Foods may not be the only cause for eczemas, but if one feels certain foods increase eczemas then they should be avoided. There are allergy tests these days which can tell if you are allergic to certain foods.

Are steroids the only treatment?

No there are many non steroidal medicines that are now available but sometimes they are needed, and do not cause side effects if used judiciously for short time, under a doctor’s supervision.

Is there something as light/UV treatment for eczemas?

Yes this is true and it is a very effective and safe treatment for some types of eczemas.

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