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Micropigment - Eyebrow

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Micro Blading

Micropigment - Eyebrow

Eyebrows are an important feature of face. There are studies which suggest that eyebrows is the first facial feature to be noticed in a person and is retained in the subconscious as the marker for the person.Eyebrows play an important role and add a lot to the personality. They frame the face. Thicker brows give an instant facelift, making it more vibrant and young at the same time.


Mocroblading eyebrows is a semipermanent, cosmetic tatoo ( pigment doesn’t fade off completely). The technique improves the brows, makes them more defined and fuller – fills the gaps of lost hair. On people with no brows at all, full eyebrows can be drawn.


The shape and outline of the brows is drawn keeping in mind the shape of the face, position of eyes and as per clients requirements. Of course it is understood that the expectations should not be unrealistic.


Getting the Microblading treatment done is a very simple and effective way to enhance the face without really doing any invasive or injectable treatments like fillers in the eyebrow area. Fillers are expensive and can possibly have complications around the eye area. Microblading brows is best for those who are conscious about their looks and spend a lot of time every day filling and drawing them. A slight touch up may be required after 1 to 11/2 years.


The whole procedure is absolutely safe and takes around 2 to 2 ½ hours. Precautions like avoiding scratching, wetting, and application of antibiotic cream for five days should be followed after the procedure.

The minimal scabbing occurs for 5 to 6 days which falls off on its own revealing the beautiful brows beneath. The brows never look artificial as the hair strokes that are drawn are very fine and in the direction of brow hair. The best of pigments is used which is imported from Europe and a closest match of pigment according to the patient’s own brow hair is used.



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