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Micropigment - Eyebrow

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Micro Blading

Micropigment - Eyebrow

Eyebrows are an important feature of face. There are studies which suggest that eyebrows is the first facial feature to be noticed in a person and is retained in the subconscious as the marker for the person.Eyebrows play an important role and add a lot to your personality. They frame your face. Thicker brows give a instant facelift, makes it more vibrant and young at the same time.

Eyebrows are examined for scanty brow hair, undefined brows, scope for more arch….

Eyebrow area is cleaned with waterproof makeup remover.

Eyebrows are outlined carefully and symmetrically as per patients satisfaction to be filled with pigment during the procedure. With the help of a caliper and a skin marker….

  • First line is drawn in the middle of the nose vertically.
  • Second two lines are drawn from the middle of the nostrils parallel to the first line on each side(equidistant) to mark the beginning of the eyebrows.
  • Third line horizontally below the lower margins of the eyebrows, the tail of eyebrow should always be a little above the inferior margin of medial side of brows.
  • Fourth line connecting sides of the nostrils to the tail of brows.
  • Fifth line for the arch connect mid of nostrils to the highest point of brows.
  • Sixth line connecting the arches parallel to the the third line.  

A thread stained with gentian violet is used to connect all  the above points so as to draw the outlines of eyebrows as symmetrically as possible.

(Note that both sides of the face are not mirror image of the other)

Local anaesthetic cream or gel is applied over the area and left for 30 minutes.

Area is cleaned with a sterile gauze with tapping movement to avoid erasing the outlines.

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