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Heal Thyself
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Soothing the inflamed body and mind

Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease characterized by red and scaly skin lesions. It can either be localized to small, concentrated areas or spread out over the entire body.

Psoriasis is not only a skin disease and may also affect a person’s joints, cardiovascular system, and psychological state.

All the systems of medicine, the western, naturopathic and ayurvedic run almost parallely in the thought process behind the causes of psoriasis, there is an imbalance in the body causing manifestation of psoriasis, with resulting molecular changes.

Signs and symptoms and how it may look like

Psoriasis is a chronic, inflammatory skin rash that can affect the skin, hair, and nails. It most commonly begins in adolescence and young adulthood but can occur at any age. It often appears as red skin plaques with silvery-white scales found on the body or scalp. The affected skin can itch, burn, become scaly, or have no associated symptoms at all. Beyond affecting skin, inflammation of the joints is a condition known as psoriatic arthritis.

Different types of psoriasis include

  • Plaque psoriasis: The most common variant of psoriasis. This form has the typical silver/grey scaling plaque.
  • Hand and foot psoriasis: This form involves scaling of primarily the hand and/or feet.
  • Nail psoriasis: This form occurs due to inflammation along the nail bed. This leads to pits on the nails as well as nails that lift away from the nail bed and are brittle.
  • Guttate psoriasis: often triggered by a bacterial infection and characterized by smaller red lesions.
  • Pustular psoriasis: Rather than the typical scaling skin lesions, this form appears as red bumps filled with pus that can be present anywhere on the body.
  • Psoriatic arthritis: This is a form of joint inflammation that can develop in certain people with psoriasis.

The classical western medicine take

It is thought to be due to due to an imbalance in the immune system and increase in superficial skin immune system, starting off as munro’s microabsesses.

The inflammation may be triggered by certain infections on the screen or inside the body.

In western medicine also role of food in psoriasis is established now.

Association of psoriasis with BMI stress and lifestyle disorders is also published and talked about in western medicine also.

The classical alternative medicine take on psoriasis

There are several forms of psoriasis, at places in ayurvedic text it is mentioned as kushta (not leprosy literally) with the most common being plaque psoriasis. It is characterized by the following:

Either the vata, pitta, kapha may be increased, particularly in psoriatic arthritis pitta is increased, this needs to be evaluated individually and properly treated

or Agni is too low and this leads to build up of ama, in such patients “amapachana” or dissolution of the toxins stored helps.

The skin cells in psoriasis divide more rapidly compared to normal skin cells, leading to the development of scaly skin that can have associated itching. These factors relate to increased vata. Pitting can be seen in nails affected by psoriasis and is further evidence of increased vata.

Psoriasis lesions are thickened and are often associated with obesity and itching. Thickened lesions, weight gain, and itching are associated with increased kapha.

Psoriasis lesions are red indicating inflammation in the skin. Psoriasis is often associated with inflammation of the joints, known as psoriatic arthritis. These features indicate increased pitta. In those with psoriatic arthritis, pitta is increased since there is more systemic inflammation.

Some types correlate with western medicine system of classification of psoriasis and the signs and symptoms of disease mentioned are overlapping in both the sciences.

The kapha aspect of due to accumulation /blockage of toxins/ immune cell plugs in the gut and skin may be a cause of psoriasis, so treatments aimed at ampachanam and snehan help in psoriasis.

The sparsh solution for psoriasis

For a chronic nuisance value disease , which may affect not only the skin but the body and mind internally also.

It is important to strike a balance between not only in the body but also in MEDICATING the patient, too much or too little medication is difficult , most physicians also consider practical consideration in individual patients case rather than going in for classical copy-book treatments for psoriasis, we need to work on individual case basis mostly to strike a balance for good disease control.

The naturopathic snehan and svedan therapies along with Infla-soothe therapies in psoriasis work well, which constitute topical and internal natural medicine with or without some potent supplementation for reducing the inflammation happening.

The PHQ for psychological health is taken into account too, and the tibetan and indian system of medicine traces the origins of such chronic diseases to the root thoughts or stressor thoughts and unmanifested emotions etc.

The latest in treatment of biological therapy by the name of Scapho and Stellara coming up is also available to be used in some patients where lifestyle does not permit use of a more comprehensive therapy protocol.

Tips and tricks for Psoriasis

  • Avoid any food stuffs and eating food which you feel gives you a higher chance of getting a sore throat or tummy infection etc.. any incidence of throat infections or tummy infections may precipitate or worsen the psoriais.
  • If you have recently gained inches around the waist or overweight , shedding even 2-5% of body weight may help.
  • If general health status permits then exercise enough to induce some sweating also serves to detox the body.
  • Intake of anti inflammatory foods like turmeric may help some patients but not everyone and should not be over done.
  • Application of cold pressed coconut oil before bath and an oat based moisturiser like Aveil oat or some other Oat and ceramide based moisturisers, can help significantly.
  • Keep the blood pressure and diabetes under check for less flares in psoriasis.
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