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Pigmentation and dullness of skin is one problem that is very common and presents to dermatologists very frequently. Many a times the patients keep taking some or the other treatment for pigmentation and Dullness of skin thinking that it is a problem of the skin whereas .

we should be very clear in our mind that the Dullness of skin is just a reflection of something going wrong internally.


Instead of looking inside, we tend to look outside we tend to find the solutions in only creams and lotions and lasers and peels and many other skin treatments.
The secret of treating pigmentation and skin the less lies in treating it inside from within the body and the system of metabolism of the skin , The secret of treating pigmentation and skin Dullness lies in treating it inside from within the body and the system of metabolism of the skin.

The typical western medicine explanation

What all Affects the skin dullness and pigmentation internally and externally

  • It will be surprising to know that many internal factors like hormonal-resistance other hormones , stressors and steroid hormones affect the pigmentation. Whereas the pollution and sun exposure are amongst the external factors.
  • It is known that severe nutritional deficiencies and “free Radical” Damage to skin cells by reactive oxygen can also be a cause of pigmentation. These are chemicals which are reactive and react to the skin like oxygen and moisture causes rust to form in iron.
  • Recently it has been proven beyond doubt in many indian studies ,that management by the right Antioxidant treatment internally and externally helps in treating pigmentation and also helps in getting a more radiant and glowing skin.

The traditional medicine and naturopathic explanation

According to principles of natural medicine and alternative medicine the pigmentation and Dullness of skin may be due to a pitta dosha, which in oversimplified but not exact terms means an imbalance in the digestive fire. The solution is offered by cooling and calming certain body systems.
Alternative medicine , naturopathic and Ayurvedic systems may also relate the dullness to metabolism of enzymes in the “liver”

Sparsh solution

At sparsh we not only apply and give oral Antioxidant therapy specific to the individual problems and stage of disease. The S.M.P protocol for managing stress and improving sleep quality simply decreases the chemical induced damage to skin internally and it becomes stronger and in turn more radiant and lustrous.

Then there is the Breatox Therapy which helps not only increase blood flow to the skin but also makes the body feel much lighter and more energetic.
GLUTA DIET, is also advised according to the patient’s lifestyle. GLUTA diet , incorporates innovative ways of combining food according to body type aimed specifically at enhancing glutathione production not only what to eat but how to cook is also advised.

Some ready-made and premade meal options and Tea and tisane options, and infusions are also provided.

Home-Meso the do-it -yourself plan, adding another option in the armamentarium for treating pigmentation and less of skin in a very cost-effective manner, is to do a dermaroller based therapy using Narcissus organicus extract along with certain other topical infusions to apply at home in specified customised regime planned by your doctor goes a long way in providing a cost-effective and do-able solution from home.


Tips and tricks – Do’s and Dont’s for acne management

  • Do not apply lightening creams indefinitely for too long.
  • Try to get to know the real cause of Pigmentation in your case.
  • Never use any steroid containing creams for lightening of skin only unless indicated by your doctor.
  • Don’t panic and fret and fume over pigmentation, it will only make it worse.
  • Discuss the home remedies with your doctor, some may common home remedies for pigmentation and discolouration of skin may aggravate the problem. Commonly used things like lemon and orange and fruit acids have an irritant potential and can aggravate the problem.
  • In some types of pigmentation, it is advisable not to do any laser, light,or peel based treatments, dont pressurise your healthcare provider for the same , if it is not good for you we may tell you not to do it.
  • Life style and T.Y based interventions make a huge difference.
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