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Under Eye Bags & Hollows

Heal Thyself
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Under Eye Problems

Under Eye Hollow, Bags And Dark Circles

These are perpetual problems, faced by many and most of us come to terms with it and think that there is no treatment for the same.

It is important to understand the real causes of the problems faced around the eye area. 

Why do such problems occur around the eye area?

The western concept:-

The classical western concept plays around the concepts of problems locally and looks for reasons molecularly within the tissues and cells. So most dermatologists and skin doctor near you will believe that the causes are ranging from blood pigment deposition around the under eye are to give it a darker look.

Some skin specialists feel that in some cases, it is due to fat herniation in the under eye area. Also dermatologists in gurgaon suggest treatments for vascular changes in the under eye area.

The other aggravating factors known are lack of sleep, recurrent allergies are associated.

The classic yogic and naturopathic explanation:-

The classic explanation for the same is related to sinus and peri-nasal circulation and mucosal-lymphatic tissue system anomalies. The simple remedy offered as a first step is some specific breathing techniques and nasal sinus douching called, nasyam and neeti kriya. All those help in improving the symptoms along with being great for the local immunity.

The sparsh heal thyself solution

The great practical solution for the under eye problems is a comprehensive plan integerating best of yogic wisdom and modern medicine. 

There are some of the most modern therapies being used like under eye fillers like juvederm and restylane.  These are hyaluronic acid fillers which act by hydrating and now it is known to also act to rejuvenate the treated area, by biostimulation. So even after the filler is gone and dissolved by the body, rejuvenating effects stay.

Rejuvenating treatments like alma and peri orbital peels and exfoliation is also a good idea for some.

Micro botox or baby botox is done to relieve of under eye lines and fine lines

The specific clinical yoga based treatments like instilling medicated oils into the nose offers great help , and at the same time helps in building a better immunity.

The treatments can be combined for most efficient, fast and safe therapies. At sparsh heal thyself, an aesthetic and skin clinic in khan market we firmly believe in the power of managing the root causes.

Some of the latest in therapies recently added is the combination, hyaluronic acid and growth factor, these are available as patches for treating the area.

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