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Skin Allergies and Urticaria

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Skin Allergies and Urticaria

There is nothing which carries more nuisance value then allergies they come to haunt us every time when we don’t expect them. There are so many people who suffer from allergies of the skin and respiratory systems. Various and Allergic manifestations like Urticaria, allergic contact dermatitis, airborne contact dermatitis and many more to name. While modern medicine has answered many many questions about allergies of the skin and respiratory symptoms and also we now have the latest on medicines like newer biological therapies, and other antiallergics which are extremely safe.
The common signs and symptoms of allergies include itching redness, flat or raised rashes on the skin. Sometimes the patient scratches so much that there can be a bacterial infection that may set in in the area. There may be lack of sleep due to the scratching. The doctor and patient need to work together to find the exact cause and even the minutest detail of the patient’s history is helpful in finding the real cause.
Patience is very important, in fixing the allergies totally.

The Classical Western Medicine take

The classical western medicine causes of the same are, many and have come a great way ahead to define and pinpoint the allergens and allergies and many people have been cured by the treatments, especially desensitization therapy.

  • Our daily exposure to chemicals has drastically increased which may be a contributing factor for the human immune system becoming sensitive.
  • There are many things in diet and surroundings and which can cause a trigger in the allergic response, whereas some people tolerate the same stimuli the same allergens and some others cannot tolerate them.
  • The explanation for this…. to oversimplify, we can say can be an overreaction of the immune system or an abnormal type of reaction of the immune system.
  • The section of immune cells called the mast cells or eosinophil cells produce more histamines, which causes a lot of the reactions of allergy,
  • There are many things in diet and lifestyle which are known to be aggravating for all or most allergies.
  • It is an observation that people who consume very spicy and sugary foods cause an increase in symptoms of all itch and allergies.
  • Consumption of alcohol and smoking may be an increasing factor.
  • Further irregular breathing and stress.
  • It is only very recently and that we have understood the relation between certain stomach infections like H.pylori and causation of certain skin allergy whereas in alternative medicine that association was always known.

Based on this the most important focus is on managing the allergies molecularly, by blocking the histamine release and or reducing the counts of the allergy-causing cells, or the Desensitisation therapy aims at accepting the allergens as One of the body’s own so the reaction does not come at all or not very pronounced. This method has been used in homeopathy also.

The Classical Alternative Medicine take on Allergies

The alternative medicine Point of view on the allergies and Urticarias is slightly more simplistic view.

  • The alternative medicine theory believes that Urticaria and allergies are predominantly due to an imbalance in the body, the imbalance is made worse by stress, lack of sleep and consumption off fort which is not compatible with the patient’s body type.
  • The alternative medicine system will put the onus and the blame on increased pitta which if literally translated means the digestive fire but technically it means much more.
  • It is due to that imbalance and the overactive immune system is triggered, which in western medicine is referred to as a pro-inflammatory shift responsible for many types of urticaria and some other diseases of skin also.
  • The alternative medicine system feels that the skin allergies and urticaria are a result of various factors impacting the body including stress lifestyle Food and the person’s basic body type. They feel that it is the factors which cause molecular changes, and molecular changes are the result, not the cause.

The Sparsh Solution

Apart from what classical Dermatology has to offer like antiallergics and latest in the management of chronic idiopathic urticaria-like injections of biological molecules, there is much more that can be done.

  • In some patients phadiatop allergy testing and desensitization therapy may be employed whereas more conservative treatment can be used for milder cases.
  • Along with all the modern tests and investigations to find causes of the allergies and urticaria an attempt is also made at co-relating the symptoms to the body type, and the body type as possible changes in it are factored in for the treatment.
  • The psychological health questionnaire and treatment of the stress, sleep, and anxiety aspect are given due weight to.
  • If food needs to be modified the full-time dietitian support is there with our in-house trained dietitian Ms. Robina Jindal.

To know more schedule a consultation with Dr. Aman Sharma @9871057657.

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