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Yogic Detox

Heal Thyself
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Yogic Detox

Improve Your Immunity

Yogic detox is a unique and practical purification practices that aim at the detoxification of the body, mind & emotion. Thus bringing balance at all levels of being.

Free radicals are unstable molecules that have a major role to play in diseases and ageing processes. But how are they created?
Free radicals occurs due to accumulation of toxins in body. Although free radicals are produced naturally in the body, lifestyle factors can accelerate their production. The food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe and our emotional ups and downs lead to free radical formation. Yoga has very practical purification practices that aim at the detoxification of the body and mind. These detoxification techniques are a sort of cleansing that help the body rid itself of toxins. These detoxification techniques, called Shatkarmas or Shatkriyas are extremely powerful in that detoxification work on specific areas of the body that have the maximum impact upon our health.

As you know the intestines are very long with many turns, it’s easy for small pieces of food to get stuck or even dried on. Stuck for an extended time, it will start to rot and become toxic to your body. Since scientists have determined that 80 – 70 percent of our immune system is in the gut, detox can improve your immune system and thus your overall health and
well-being by removing this ‘ama’ (toxins) from your intestines.

Detoxification recharges the entire Pranic body, removes blockages from the Nadis and purifies all the Chakras. The harmony of the five Pranas is restored and the energy level is raised. It helps us to cure diseases occurring due to prana blockage. It prepares the way for higher states of consciousness. Any Sadhana performed after this cleansing practice gives manifold results.

It also beings a balance in pitta, vatta, kappha doshas.

Yogic detox includes

• Nasal Lubrication
• Nasal Douche
• Eye Care
• Throat Care
• Tongue Cleaning
• Upper Gut Cleaning
• Colon/Lower Gut Cleaning
• Skin Cleansing

What are its uses?

Ans:- Helps to develop immunity by eliminating the toxins.
• Stimulates the mind and aids in removing lethargy (tamas).
• Washes the colon, sinus tracts, the stomach etc.
• Provides a massaging effect to the areas applied thereby stimulating the effective working of the Organs.
• Stimulates vitality and helps in retardation of ageing.
• One’s capacity to think, digest, taste , feel express etc. increases and a greater awareness develops.

Any side effects?

Ans:- If done properly then no side effects has been observed. Yes, immediately after the detox minor tiredness, fatigue, slight headache, and mild fever can be observed which is again individual based but after proper relaxation these sign and symptoms vanish within a day.

Precautions to be taken?

Ans:- Yes, there are certain precautions has to be taken. someone with ulcers, colitis, heart issues, severe back pain, pregnancy, recent surgery , sever medical conditions etc, must take the proper guidance. Must consult the Doctor/healer/Therapist prior detox.

Safe in which people?

Ans:- Those who have not gone through any recent surgery, free from any kind of stomach-ulcers, cardiac issues, free from serious medical conditions.


Ans:- Twice or thrice in a month. Take the expert guidance.

Add on therapies?

Ans:- Breathox, Marma Therapy, Healing, Therapeutic postures, Mindfulness practices etc.

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